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Aarya's Frock

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

So Aarya is my younger daughter's best friend and lives in our community. The kids play every day in summer. They bike together, they take the same bus to school and have weekly play dates in winter. It's her birthday on the 16th of Nov. So I decided to gift her an Indian frock.

I asked Summy, my daughter, what's Aarya's favorite color. She said orange. As usual finding the right fabrics in Arya's favorite color was a challenge. I opened my stash and found 1 cotton fabric that I bought from Walmart, and 2 other fabrics that I bought online from India. One was a brocade fabric in red and the other one was a cotton fabric with some shimmer. I also found a border left over from a saree that I earlier used to make a lehenga, but this border was slightly pink in shade.

The second challenge was the measurements. Since it was a surprise gift, I couldn't take her measurements. Since Aarya looks similar in structure as my daughter, I used her measurements.

I quickly did the cutting in the night and went to make dinner. It was Chana masala with basmati rice

I started sewing the top part in the night cos I get so excited for some projects.

I prefer putting zip at the back cos it is easy to put on for the already picky kids.

This portion was done by morning. My husband's bachelor cousin came over to stay with us on Friday. On Friday night we had Chana masala. At this point it was saturday around noon, and I wanted to make Aloo parantha with curd and use left over chana masala. Parallely I was working on this website since Thursday afternoon when I was back from my work (I work as a part time Accountant).

Paranthas were so yummy, I modified my recipie by adding grounded garlic in aloo and it was just out of the world.

After lunch, I worked on the front portion.

I started assembling the sleeves too. I would have preferred a littlle more puff in the sleeve for a kid who is turning 10, but the cloth was less.

We went to do groceries to and picked some clothes for my daughter that I ordered online from Kohl's. For dinner I made Idlis and my husband made phutaney chutney. Yum again. Kids loved it, cousin loved it. Now it was time to call a wrap on the frock by putting a bow at the back and put a stone trim on the front. I also added a stone button the the centre.

The frock came out so well. My kids and husband loved it. I will add how It looked on Aarya when I get that information.

Here is the final look

Aarya wore the frock yesterday 11/20 for a pooja. She video called me and said Sandhya Auntie look I am wearing the dress you made for me today. I like it! Her mom said it was perfect for her. This is enough for me to see people happy!

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