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Anarkali Kurti

I got a few fabrics from India this November. Mostly brocade fabrics which I had planned to sew for my kids for the upcoming festivals. I chose the fabrics based on the favorite colors of my kids. Yet when my kids saw the fabrics, they selected them differently than I thought. Anyhoo, I began sewing anarkali kurti for my elder one who is 12.

The pink fabric was so beautiful, I paired it with some contrast greens which later I would choose for designing. In 2021 I made lehengas for my 12 year old. But she still isn't very comfortable carrying the dupatta. So I started making gowns and anarkalis in the later part of the year. I keep the neck depth not more than 4 inches, that way she need not carry a chunni.

For the design I put contrast potli buttins in green color. I added puff sleeves.

For the skirt I cut 6 kalis and stitched them together.

I cut the lining and joined the peices. My daughter tried it. While putting on she asked is this going to itch me. I said not at all because I sticthed it completely concealed, so there are no raw edges touching your skin to itch you. She put it on and it fit her perfectly. On Sankranti she is going to wear it with a green legging, which I have to arrange. Here is how it turned out.

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